Hybrid notebook/tablet released in December 2015. Manufactured by Acer, the Chromebook R11 is an inexpensive option among an already-cheap line of notebooks.

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How can I get a foreign object out of the headphone jack?

I tried plugging my headphones into the headphone jack in school, but it wasn't going in. I couldn't really see anything, so I tried using force (which was probably a dumb move). When that failed, I got my flashlight out and saw a tiny (nearly the size of the jack) clear ball jammed at the bottom. It's frustrating because I have no idea where it could've came from, and I've only had the Chromebook for about a month now. What should I do? Please help! :((

Have a nice day! :)

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EDIT: Don't attempt to dremmel your device please... (~@alexniculescu)i open up the device, dremmel a hole in the back, and push it out.

Be sure not to damage the flex or wires the part would be attached to, and dont go so deep or wide as to cause issues. the smaller the hole, the better.


I've seen this happen before. Unless the jack has been permanently damaged, , it isn't necessary to disassemble the laptop.

It's too late to help the OP, but there are two solutions that assume the ball got in by accident rather than it being too large and intentionally forced into the jack. The only thing holding the ball would be the spring contacts.

First, I'd take a 3/4" piece of a metal ball point pen refill, insert it into the jack, heat the eye end of a large needle and try to push it into the ball. If the needle doesn't penetrate the ball it is likely to be glass or a very hard non-thermoplastic material. If the needle does penetrate after 5 minutes it should harden enough that the needle could be used to pull it out.

Second, I would take a sacrificial plug and file a flat on the tip. Apply a very small drop of super glue GEL no larger than 1/2 the diameter of the plug to the flat and insert the plug. Hold it in place for 5 minutes then pull it out.

The mistakes made with using super glue is using the thin runny type, applying it to a too-thin rod ,and not guiding it in straight, Using a plug and gel reduces these risk. If the plug becomes stuck, it can usually be gently twisted loose, or at worst can be cut off and the jack removed and replaced. Unless you have skills, have a repair shop replace the jack.


Either of these solutions would likely damage the board. As a professional, I can say you are more likely to damage your computer more than helping it by doing this.


Mr Hartley,

You may not realize it, but you sound exactly like a right-to-repair opponent.

Attempting small repairs of our own stuff is how most of us started to gain the experience that made us professionals. Why be negative about answering a question on fixing someone's own property in a fixit forum?

I assume that the person asking for direction is willing to take an informed risk to attempt to repair his property. I encourage an attempt within boundaries that have a reasonable chance of success as a field repair.

The only precaution that I didn't state was to have the laptop powered off whenever inserting anything into any case opening.

If the customer used only the two techniques I gave and failed, the cost of repairing a further-damaged jack would be the same as if the PC were taken in without the owner attempting the repair. The labor and OH cost of my opening the case and replacing the I/O board would exceed the cost of parts, and would be more than an hour's pay for most customers.


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Just replace the entire board. It is much easier than trying to coax the ball out.

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You could use tweezers and a steady hand to try and convince the ball out. A more crude, but still viable option is to (gently) hit the opposite end of the computer with the jack down and hope it falls out. If you have a pair small enough to fit, you could try using some needle-nosed pliers. If all else fails, you could try using a small srewdriver like the ones for eyeglasses or some other narrow object and try to pick it out, however I can't gaurentee that will leave the jack in a working conditon. There is always the posibility of breaking something, and you kinda have to use your own discretion to figure out what's gonna be alright to try.

Overall, those are the most basic suggestions I could give.

Hipe this helps!

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Device has a breakout board for audio and the one USB port. I have had success opening it up and removing this board. From there is is pretty easy to push out the foreign item and reseat the board.


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ever play operation ?

steady hand, straightened out paper clip and super glue, go

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we have a LOT of people come into my store who have tried this. this makes a simple labor repair into a replacement part. do not use superglue if you are not extremely confident with it. it mor often glues the part into the item, then actually fixes it.


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