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Bose's consumer range of active noise-cancelling headphones are called "QuietComfort".

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Noise Cancelling Shorting Out

When I slide the control to Noise Cancelling, headphone keeps shorting out and goes in and out between total noise cancel and regular sound. Any suggestions?

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My power switch seems to not work. Van replacements be found?


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I found out that - as crazy as it may sound - in my case it had something to do with the battery brand I used.

I normally use Duracells, but always found them a bit hard to insert into the slot (it was really hard to close the lid with the battery inserted), but never had any issues until recently I bought a new pack.

Just for the sake of it I used a battery from a different brand - Varta in that case - and not only do these fit better: Noise cancellation works fine again! No more interruptions, problem solved!

Best regards, Ralph

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Hi Erica, have you tried replacing the batteries and or connecting to another device?

Bose QuietComfort 25 Battery Replacement

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I have a similar problem, but for me the problem is actually the button itself, just touching it triggers static and it keeps dropping the right channel regularly.

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I have this problem too. I fixed it placing a small paper between the button (in "off position") and the headphone panel. It pushes the button a few mm inside the headphone and it appears to solve the problem. I think its a contact failure


what do you mean by between the button and the headphone panel?

A few close-up photos of this would really help!


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