Released August 2008, identified by model number E6500. Manufacturer: Dell Series: Latitude "E" series. Device type: Laptop PC.

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How do I build a DELL LATITUDE E6500 from its bare bones (rebuild)

I have taken apart a DELL LATITUDE E6500 completely now I have been told to rebuild it, I don't know how to, I kinda need some help like with putting everything back.. please help!! I stressing out a lot.

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The official Dell service manual is here.

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There is a tear down Dell Latitude E6500 you can use in reverse to reassemble the laptop. I hope you used electrostatic protection for the parts when you took the laptop apart; you certainly should use static protection putting the laptop back together. What was the reason to disassemble the laptop?

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I would do that if I was told earlier to put it back together, I lost half the parts and I dident pay attention to taking it apart.... Thankyou for your idea tho!


And another reason is to test me in my knowledge on how to service computers, pull one to bare bones (broken and doesent work) and put it back together as best as I can.


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If your hearts still set on rebuilding that e6500, you can get a used one on amazon for 100 bucks and harvest the parts that were inexplicably disposed of from there. Worth it, imo. E6500 is a masterpiece

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