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The Asus Republic of Gamers G20 is a small-form-factor gaming PC with enthusiast-level components and good performance. Released in 2014.

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Screen frozen on ASUS startup screen.

PC won't proberly boot, gives me an option to enter BIOS, if I leave it, it will just stay on the ASUS logo and a black screen. Previously I had a problem with the PC after a failed update. Any help?

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Umm... Hi! I've been having the same issue and i'm wondering how you solved it. It would be great if you could get back to me, Thanks.


I have the same problem got it from my step brother and it worked fine, but then sat for about 4-5 months and now does this.


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Hi @robert1201,

what OS are you using ?

before any failed updates, do you encounter any issues, like bsod or poor performance of the pc?

I suspect either the operating system has crashed or hdd issues

If possible do a check on the HDD, hopefully inside bios has an option to test out.

check inside bios if your hdd is able to detect.

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