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A kite is a tethered form of aircraft. Kites may be flown for recreation, art or other practical uses.

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best place to buy replacement glass fibre or carbon sticks for toy kit

Hi, I ordered a kite from china which arrived badly damaged- with several broken sticks.

It would not be cost effective to send it back so I would like to try & repair it. The packaging was non existent just a plastic bag with address on. Also there was a 7cm rip in the kite, I shan't risk buying from china again.

Most replacement sticks seem to be online so you end up paying postage which makes them expensive, decathlon sell sticks but at £2.99 a metre which is also rather expensive. Any help or ideas for substitutions would be greatly received.

Many thanks Mrs Wright

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Have you checked art stores or hobby supply shops?


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You could try hobby lobby, michaels, joans, and basically any craft stores. You could also use wooden round sticks, or flat popsicle sticks as a substitution

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