What is the rear microphone for?


I'm facing troubles with my iPhone 6 while making a phone call.

The people I call tell me that they hear me quiet and interrupted.

I found out that they here me good when I place my finger on the rear microphone.

Also facetime calls work. Mobile calls with speaker also work.

So when I place a sticker on my rear microphone people hear me just fine.

I already restored the iphone and did not load a backup. So it isn't a software problem.

So is the rear microphone broken or could it be something else.


Update (13.09.2017)

Unfortunately the problem returned after two days.

I repeated what I have done before, but that did not help this time.

I already changed the power flex cable (it has the rear microphone on it) but the error still remains.

Is there something else I can do?

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I'm not sure how that helps because bottom microphone is used when making calls with speakerphone not enabled.

It's the filter near the headphone jack that needs to be cleaned most likely. Probably clogged up.

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The bottom microphone is cleaned. When I but a finger on this one, no one hears me, as expected.

"Closing" the rear mic (between LED and camera) makes the call louder.

Maybe the rear mic does the noice cancellation and this does not work properly because it is broken. I don't know.

In which cases is this mic used? Is there a way to test it?


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The rear mic is used when recording video, and I also believe it is used for noise cancellation. I would see if the mic picks up ok when recording video with the rear camera.

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Thanks, I tested video recording. It works just fine.

I thought the problem must be this mic, but maybe it's not.

I don't now how to continue finding the bug.


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I fixed it, I don't know exactly what fixed it but here is what I did:

I opened the iPhone, disconnected the display and the powerflex cable. Cleaned everything with compressed air. Reassembled. Turned it on and tried it again. And now it works.

I did not disconnect the battery, so it was not a power disconnect.

Maybe dust or the powerflex got loose.

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