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The Dodge Caliber is a front-engine, front-wheel drive five-door compact hatchback manufactured and marketed by Chrysler's Dodge division from model years 2007 to 2012.

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2007 Dodge Caliber electric Windows window won't roll up drivers rear

2007 Dodge Caliber 4 door with electric windows rear drivers window will not roll up how do I fix it

Electric windows Dodge Caliber 2007 window won't roll up driver's rear

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My problem is the front passenger side ,window does not go up. I can't find nothing but rear answers. Not the same mechanisms


@bayrico same make and model? what have you checked so far? Have you gone through the first part of my previous answer? For those tests it wont matter which window is not working.


I have done every troubleshooting test, switch, the motor, ground test. Check fuse and have replaced the motor, switch, and window regulator. still will not go up


For Luis, who has replaced even the regulator, check and see if the window itself is binding. It happens, and this car is old enough the felt pad in the up/down channels could be worn and gotten bunched, freezing the window in place. Take the regulator arms loose, and it Should push up by hand.


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Here's the replacement motor you will need:

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2007 CALIBER: My car windows switches do not have 12 pins, it has 8 pins. I can not test the switches to see if they are good.


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Jeremy Simmons beside the great answer from my colleague, here is some more information from the service manual on how to test the motor etc."


The power window system allows each of the door windows to be raised and lowered electrically by actuating a switch on the driver’s door trim panel. The front window switch allows the front occupants to lock out the individual rear switches from operation. The power window system receives battery feed through a circuit breaker in the fuse block, only when the ignition switch is in the ON position.

The power window system includes the power window switches on the driver’s door trim panel, passenger door and rear doors, the circuit breaker in the fuse block, and the power window motors.


The front and rear window lift motors are of the permanent magnet type. A battery positive and negative connection to either of the two motor terminals will cause the motor to rotate in one direction. Reversing current through these same two connections will cause the motor to rotate in the opposite direction.

Each individual motor is grounded through their respective switch.



The following wiring test determines whether or not voltage is continuous through the body harness to the front switch.

1. Remove the power window switch and bezel.

2. Disconnect wire connector from back of power window switch.

3. Switch ignition to the ON position.

4. Connect the clip end of a 12 volt test light to Pin 4 of the window switch harness connector. Touch the test light probe to Pin 3.

² If the test light illuminates, the wiring circuit between the battery and switch is OK.

² If the lamp does not illuminate, first check 30 amp circuit breaker in the fuse block. If circuit breaker is OK, then check for a broken wire.

For complete circuit diagrams, refer to the appropriate wiring information.


If the power window motor is receiving proper current and ground and does not operate, proceed with motor test.

For complete circuit diagrams, refer to the appropriate wiring information.

1. Remove front door trim panel as necessary to gain access to power window motor wire connector.

2. Disconnect power window motor wire connector from door harness.

3. Using two jumper wires, connect one to a battery (+) source and the other to a good ground (-).

4. Connect the Negative (-) jumper probe to one of the motor connector terminals.

5. Momentarily touch the Positive (+) jumper probe to the other motor connector terminal.

When positive probe is connected the motor should rotate in one direction to either move window up or down. If window is all the way up or down the motor will grunt and the inner door panel will flex when actuated in that one direction.

6. Reverse jumper probes at the motor connector terminals and window should now move in opposite direction. If window does not move or grunt, replace the motor. If window moved completely up or down, reverse the jumper probes and cycle window to the opposite position to verify full operation.

If motor grunts and does not move, verify that regulator is not binding.

Block Image

This part of the SM will show you how to work on the actual door and the power window modules 2007 Dodge Caliber Rear Doors

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I got used to short answers while you gone


;-) I noticed


I kno instructions supplied by oldturkey03 says check if the regulator is binding, but when everything else has been verified good the only thing left has to b the regulator, and my best guess is it's not binding but off it's trolly. Very common prob. The wheels in the track are plastic and sometimes break, but more often the C clip comes loose and the arm pulls out. Then everything works but the window doesn't move. Sometimes there isn't even any noise, especially if both r off. The regulator just scissors away without touching anything.


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The glass does not go up but goes down

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The glass does not go up, but it goes down. I do not know what the problem is with the glass on the left side of the passenger


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