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Will replacing the screen fix water damage?

My wife's sister's iPhone 6 got some water damage. You can see everything on the screen, but it has lines, and the left side doesn't respond to touch. I've replaced screens before, but usually after they've been cracked..not after water damage.

Will replacing the screen fix the issue or are there likely some internals that are damaged?

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i have the same issue that one side works except in my case theres no water damage mine fell and cracked i want to know if a new screen can fix that or is it an internal issue. this is good to know so i wont get charged double for something that can be fixed easily with a new screen


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The short answer is, there's no way to be sure just how deep the issues go without trying it. If you've taken all the necessary precautions, and opened it up, dried it out, and are sure it's ready to be operational, giving it a new display is likely worth a shot. If you get the display from iFixit, we have an amazing return policy where you can return it if it doesn't fix your issue, and you'd only be out shipping in the worst case.

Best of luck in your repair!

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You definitely need to address the previous water damage by having it properly cleaned. Removing the motherboard and shields, giving it a good ultrasonic cleaning and alcohol rinse. Then visually inspecting for any signs of burn marks or shorted components.

there could be corrosion around/under the FPC Connectors, IC Chips and other board components causing your issue...or as @soria pointed out, it could just need a Screen change "IF you've taken all the necessary precautions"...


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It’s not worth fixing get a refurbished I phone from

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