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Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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Keyboard not working after battery replacement

I bought new battery for my MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Late 2013 and the replacement was nice and easy and i were very carefull so i did not break anything.

The new battery was working but now the keyboard is not working at all there is not even light in the caps lock button and yes i checked if the ribbon cable was loose but its just fine. The mousepad is working just fine aswell...

You would make my day if you could figure this out because i bought the battery because i start school tomorrow...

What should i try??

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What do you mean loose but fine?


I had this problem with my 2015 macbook pro. I first tried disconnecting and attaching the keyboard cable a few times but that did not work in my case but after I disconnected and reattached the ribbon cable that goes over the middle of the battery and attaches near the edge of the case the keyboard started working again. I guess it wasnt fully seated .


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See step #27 of this guide: MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Late 2013 Logic Board Replacement

Use a piece of electrical tape and stick it on the cable. Unlock the tab then pull it into a fully seated position.

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thank you!!! /20chars


I by accident pulled the tape above the middle (while changing the battery) which was the keyboard zif cable and lifted the little retaining tab. I didn't realize i had lifted the tab, so many of the keys weren't working. The option/command/fn keys. Lowering the retaining tab fixed the problem.


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