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Repair guides and troubleshooting for Presario CQ58 series. These are budget laptops made by Compaq, which was owned by HP from 2002 to 2013.

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My screen is white

I have power have white screen that I can raise it up and down for brightness but can't see a cursor. I have plugged into VGA to a monitor and get nothing. I was just watching a movie and it went and it went blank turned it on and came back on work and then went back to the movie went black and when I turned it on came with a white screen

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My laptop screen in to white and I can't see my icone


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If the laptop display does not show icons on the desktop and an external monitor does not display then the Graphics Adapter has failed. There is one thing to try and that is to boot up with the external monitor connected and try the keyboard key that sends video to the external monitor.

If that test fails then you need to consider the costs of repair vs cost of buying another laptop. The hard drive should still be good and can be connected with an external adapter to copy data to another computer

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