Reduced cellular signal after replacing lightning connector

I followed the step-by-step instructions on replacing the lightning connector (iPhone 6). Had the usual difficulty reconnecting the antenna wire, but managed it. Now the level of cellular signal is significantly reduced with the phone having difficulty holding onto (Verizon) LTE, often dropping back to 3G. Also, the battery life is reduced, presumably because the radio is working harder.

Any suggestions ?

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Can be a faulty part.

Put back the old one and test the signal - see if the signal improves. If it does, request a replacement from iFixit.

Provided of course that you did not damage round antenna socket near the battery connector, or the antenna cable itself that plugs into that socket.

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One of the antennas is built into the charging connector make sure its a good part and also make sure its plugged in correctly its the small circular connector next to the battery :)

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As mentioned, I think the antenna connector is secured. I hope the part is good - it was from iFixit


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Always rule out parts first it can always be faulty or damaged during installation check everything is connected and the screws are in I'm sure there's one screw that goes into the chassis that has to be in securely in the corner, I haven't got a 6 with me at the moment. If everything is all in and it was working before and that's the only change made then rule out the part by trying another one or replace the little wire from the old connector to the new one (needs to be soldered)

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