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Motorola released the Droid Turbo 2 in late October 2015. Model number XT1585.

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Can the charging port at the bottom Be repaired

Will not charge from charge port at the bottom of phone.

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Sure it can! But you may not need to go that far. It could easily be your cable. You should try to replace it before the charge port. Some high quality ones from Amazon. After you try that, then if necessary, replace it. You can buy some USB ports for that phone from eBay real cheap. Many videos are available on YouTube, such as this:

Hope this helps!

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@pccheese what are you doing up?


Friday night. I get to sleep in in the morning. And sometimes I don't get tired very easily.


@pcheese thanks for the help ;-)


@mayer Least I can do.


No matter what cable or charging plug I use I cannot get my phone to actually charge. It shows it's charging but the battery keeps draining away. I can leave it charging all night and in the morning it won't be charged at all and it randomly turns on over and over constantly even when I have manually shut it down and locked the screen.

Plus, most of the time now the phone will just randomly shut down anytime the battery is below 50% and regardless of the amount of battery charge it still has I cannot turn my phone on at all unless I plug it into a power source.

Only had this "refurbished" phone about 9 months and I hate it!


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