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A transforming "laplet" in the Lenovo Yoga line.

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Instant power failure when I adjust angle of screen.

After opening and booting up the laptop everything is fine until you either pick it up or attempt to adjust the screen angle. The power will fail completely as if pulling a plug.

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This caused by the video cable wearing out, cables are made of stranded wires so that the cables can flex. A problem happens when either the insulation wears off of the cable or a few broken strands poke through the insulation and short out on the outer shield. Check on the Lenovo site to see if the warranty is still valid, if it is then contact them to arrange repair. If the laptop is not in warranty then check out the take apart sections on ifixit.

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This may not be caused by the video cable: it may be the "battery kill" switch present on models with 4th/5th generation Intel processors. Thinkpad 20FY with Skylake processor does NOT contain the same internal killswitch.


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