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Sound not working suddenly for Lenovo G50 (Win 10)


I have a Lenovo G50 laptop (Core i3) running Windows 10 with Conexant HD Audio. The sound was working fine but suddenly the sound(speakers) stopped working. I have tried uninstalling/re-installing the Conexant drivers etc but in vain.

Can anyone please suggest a remedy for this ?


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Let's try these steps in order to fix the audio problem on your lenovo laptop.

  • Try to connect a external speakers or earphone into your computer and then play an audio let's see if you can hear any sound or not?
  • Uninstall the audio driver completely and reboot your computer.
  • If you find multiple audio drivers into your computer, you need to uninstall all of them and try to install the latest driver into your computer.
  • Still going throughlenovo laptop sound not working problem? let's restart the windows audio service.
  • After doing all these instructions, if your computer is still not working, you should try to factory restore your computer to the back date, when your computer was working fine.

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Troubleshooting instructions to fix the lenovo laptop sound not working problem.

  1. Check the mute functions, ensure that you have not muted the sound by mistake.  Most people repeat this kind of mistake very often. So make sure you are not one of them.
  2. Let’s power cycle your laptop, and then you should play something on your laptop. Do you receive any sound now or not?
  3. When you cannot hear anything from the built in speakers, you should connect an external speaker to your laptop, then play something. If you still cannot hear anything from it. You should move to the next step.
  4. Let’s remove the driver from your laptop and install it again using the latest driver.

Once you will install the driver, you should reboot your laptop once again. It will resolve the issue.

  1. If you have already tried the above instructions but the speakers are still not working, you should go ahead and reset the laptop. But before doing this, you should take a back up of your data. Otherwise, you will loose your data.

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Fix Lenovo laptop no sound problem

sometimes, you might deal with some errors on your Lenovo pc, sound issues are one of them. Every day, there are few Lenovo users coming online and they are complaining about the sound issue. the audio issue comes due to the several basic reasons. Which I am going to explain here.

Unmute the audio- When you can’t get an audio from your Lenovo pc, you should press the mute key, probably, you have silent the speakers on your laptop, that’s why you won’t hear from your Lenovo laptop.

So you push the unmute button on your keyboard, and then play a video or song.

Check the volume settings- You may have the low volume issue on the Lenovo laptop, so you should increase the volume and then play something.

Use headphones- let’s insert the headphones on your pc and then play something, let’s see if it is working perfectly fine or not? If it is working perfectly, it means there is something wrong with your speaker settings.

Setup the speakers as default- apart from this, sometimes, you may have Lenovo laptop sound not working issue due to the incorrect speaker, so you should choose your speakers as default and then play audio on your pc.

Driver update- apart from this, sometimes, you may deal with the sound issue on Lenovo laptop due to the driver issue, so you should update the sound driver on your pc, you can easily do it by visiting the device manager and click on the update driver next to the sound driver option.

Now your pc will update the driver from Lenovo server.

Reinstall new driver- If you still can’t get the audio from your Lenovo pc, you can terminate the current sound driver from your pc. Now download the new driver from Lenovo website and install it on your pc.

Factory reset – right after using these techniques, if your sound is still not working on Lenovo pc, you should factory reset the pc, but before doing this, you should take the back up. Once you reset the pc, all data will be gone from your device, so do not loose it from your device.

So these are the techniques to fix Lenovo laptop sound not working problem, in case, if you continue dealing with the sound issue, please visit askprob for more help.



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Check the speaker icon on the task bar to see if it has a red slash across it, this is the Mute indicator. Right click on the speaker icon and click on Open volume Mixer and see if one of the sliders is set for minimum. If everything is normal, then open Device Manager and open the audio device for your laptop, right click and select Uninstall and click the check box to delete the driver, and then click on Action at top and select Scan For Hardware Changes and this will force Windows to install a new set of drivers.

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My laptop does give me sound with external speakers but that is rather inconvenient. How can I reactivate the internal speakers or are they likely to be dead?

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alisoneastcott.... this is an older may want to start your own thread. with that being said, please follow the guides linked in the previous answer and posts. if this does not resolve your issue, post back for further assistance.


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