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Why my laptop shows that it has two monitors?

Every time I open my laptop when I move the cursor to the left it disappear into nothingness and when I open the display tab it shows that i have two monitors but I don't. I always make it that I see only the monitor 2(witch is the monitor I use) but monitor 1 always becomes active by itself whenever I turn on my laptop. Please tell me how can I permanently disconnect that other fake monitor.

This started happening after I formatted my laptop and the guy who did the formatting changed my laptop from 32-bit to 64-bit.

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Plzzzzz Help!!!!

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I imagine that the guy who formatted your laptop used two monitors. Try this... Window + P keys, and set the monitors to "Duplicate" (not extend). Then close out of any windows that appear. Run task manager and make sure no applications are running. Then restart the computer. Hopefully, this will clear out any applications that windows places on the phantom monitor, and windows will resort back to only one monitor.

If windows still thinks you have two monitors, you can always keep the "Duplicate" setting. This will at least make it so your mouse won't "disappear into nothingness".

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