How do I open this beast?

I think I broke the charging (in) port, so I want to open it up and see if it's fixable.

Out of warranty. From W00t :/

No screws, no stickers hiding screws, no obvious tabs. Flexing gives nothing.

Black is 2 parts, top, and bottom face.

Grey is 3 parts, end, end, front edge.

Block Image

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It is probably glued, so you might try heat gun.


Hi @scottbernardis, i think either they glued in or they are using snap in case....

able to force a little in between the black and white section?


I hadn't thought of the heat gun. I'll leave it out in the 100d sunlight tomorrow. I can't get any gaps between the black and whites or anywhere to start prying at.


That's not enough heat to loosen the glue. You will need a heat gun.


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