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Comprehensive repair manuals for each of the six versions of iPod Classic sold from 2001 to 2014. Common repairs are battery and hard drive replacement.

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How does an iPod work?

how does an ipod work

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his is not repair related and off-topic


It is of topic but what is catharine's reason for asking?


knowing how something works may help to pinpoint the parts that aren't working? let's see...


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I don't know if crevz answer is what you were asking for. But if not, then you should expand your question.

This forum has tear downs, that demonstrate the construction of the iPod: iPod Original Repair

I've made this post that explains the way the cover of the iPod Classic is opened:

Lots of questions have been answered, and you can browse them. Start by clicking on the Solutions tab to the right on this page.

Good luck

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when you press play it plays music

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