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Sony's Xperia Z5 Compact is an Android smartphone featuring a 4.6" IPS LCD display with 720 x 1208 resolution, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, and 2 GB RAM. Released in October 2015.

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Notification led blinks 4 (four) times?

I was have problem with my lcd: there was picture but no backlight.


1-Pulled off battery

2 -Cleaned flex cables with alcohol.

3-Putted everyhing back.

4-Putted battery back.

5-Tryed to power on.


When i try to power on vibrates 1 time as normal and 5-6 seconds later red led blinks 4 (not three) times. No thing happens. If i try to shut down by sim slot button its acts normaly and vibrates 3 time.

Anyone knows what is the meaning of 4 time led blink.

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Sony Online Support emloyees made me crazy. I find my own answer. When lcd or backlight is broken or cant work properly device prevents boot up. 4 time blinks wants to say that! Thanks for Sony's ignorant employees.

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i disassbemled my lcd's flex cable and phone booted up normaly (without picture of course.). I will buy new lcd.


Did new screen solved the problem ?


What is an icd?


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I replaced the LCD screen and back camera. Now it won't boot up. There is no response at all from any of the reset option. The 120 second reset. The power+volume up, power+volume down. Nothing. When I connect to charger and hold down the power button, the red LED comes on for a second, then turns off, the phone vibrates 3 times followed by the red LED turning on again for a second and then turning off. Then the process repeats. Holding down the power or the 120 second restart button while plugged in yields the same results. I tried repair using pc companion, doesn't work.

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