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Motorola released the Droid Turbo 2 in late October 2015. Model number XT1585.

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Why are there green lines on the screen?

What would cause the phone to slowly develop long green vertical lines across the LCD screen? Is there any fix beyond replacing the lcd panel?

The lines look like this:

Block Image

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Hi, I also now have this green line, but this time the line is at the top, not only that but when try to turn my phone on, nothing shows...just a black screen and a green line at the top, can someone help me?


My display is fine when it under bright light, but I have a blinking green screen otherwise. Didn’t bother going to Motorola, my wife said it was probably steam and water made it’s way inside

which would suck cause it never got wet. Assyrian charged me 250 dollars to replace. what a rip off.


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Sadly this story doesn't have a happy ending :(

It started with 1 green line around March 2017 (this question was posted in July 2017). I used to be able to make it disappear by lightly pressing on it, but it would start to come back, and eventually there were two to four.

Through applying the pressure in this manner, over the course of those four months, it escalated into the picture that was attached in the original post. At some point there were only a few lines, and applying pressure would only make them temporarily go away. By the time it got to the state in the attached image, however, pressing the lines only made them turn white or pink, and not disappear at all.

I missed the video link (it's now removed) but I did try taking the phone apart (I don't recommend it!). The back of the phone kind of "peels" off, and the act of taking it off distorts it such that the back of the phone doesn't feel comfortable when it's reattached.

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Motorola offered to repair the phone for a $125 fee. I ended up just getting a different phone. It's too bad since I had always been a Motorola fan in the past but now I don't feel like I can buy their products any more, and am a generic grumpy consumer.

I'm not sure whether the pressure actually contributed to the lines getting worse, or if it was bound to happen eventually. I would recommend you be gentle with it however, and if more lines start creeping up you may want to consider avoiding applying pressure altogether.

The thing that really rubbed me the wrong way about the experience is that this phone as marketed as being shatterproof but it hardly matters when something like this happens. I almost wonder if it has to do with the plastic screen getting malformed and putting its own pressure on the screen, since I haven't seen as many cases of this happening on glass-screen phones.

Thanks for the response, and good luck with yours as well!


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I really don't think this is a software problem. I have a couple lines. And God bless your phone, I have never seen one that bad. Yes a couple, around 2 to 4 lines, not like yours. Have you tried pressurizing or rubbing the bottom of the screen right below where your green lines end? The lines should sort of flicker. I can somehow turn mines off sometimes doing that, I'm guessing it kind of relieves the pressure gap between the display and the chip inside. I think this is mainly a cause of how the screen display is somewhat too close the the motherboard or chips inside.

There is a youtube video of someone putting a ear swab stick somewhere between display and chip. Here is youtube link. ( I wouldn't recommend you doing it since I wouldn't do it myself either. I have never opened up a smartphone before.

I would at least recommend you try rubbing and putting very little pressure to the bottom of your screen, right below the lines or right below the circle and square button. Hopefully some will go away or become lighter. Other than that yeah you might as well call Motorola or a turbo 2 repair store can fix it hopefully.

I'm facing the random battery turn for now where the battery drains really fast and also turns off at random percentages. Sometimes around 50% and sometimes even around 80%.

Well good luck with yours.

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I also had two razar flip phone and each one only lasted less than a month. I’m still paying for a phone I can’t use. I called the company and they said they could fix it for over a thousand dollars. I could not stop laughing. I’ve been buying there phones for 10 years. Never again and I will tell my friends and family the company is a joke

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Motorola g52 green line problem

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