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The Acer Liquid Z5 is also known as Acer Liquid Z5 Duo.

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Buzzing Phone Will NOT Turn On

Last night, in a next to no access zone (non-cell phone area), my Acer cell phone kept telling me I was out of range. An hour or so later, it started to buzz every few seconds. Thinking it might be out of energy, I plugged it in to re-energize. And it buzzed away all night. Now, today, whether it is plugged in or not, the buzzing continues (every other second) -- and the phone still doesn't work -- will not even turn on. What to do?

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id start by disconnecting the battery. the vibrating will stop. if you put the battery back in, and it immediately starts vibrating, there is a good possibility the device has a shorted power button.

There are other possibilities, including a bad battery, shorted Charge port, Corrupted software, or damaged board. unable to verify this without the device in hand however.

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I actually read somewhere else on the web that there are two others steps, in addition to removing the battery: 1) keep your finger pushing down on the off/on button for some time. I did this and waited a good 30 seconds; I then took the battery out and waited another 30 seconds -- not sure why; and then 2) I returned the battery and pushed the on button for another 30 seconds... Voila! My phone is back in working order. Thanks for contributing to the solution!


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