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Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD

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computer wont turn on

my computer shut down suddenly, no warning, then would not turn back on. i replaced the battery and power cord. still wont turn on. why?

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If you don't see brand logo at start, your motherboard or one of your RAM stick or your GPU is potentially dead. Try to test the computer RAM stick first (by testing computer ram stick(s) one by one then start the laptop). Then test the motherboad if it doesn't work.

If there is no reaction when you push the power button your motherboard is dead.

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I would try everything @andnerb mentioned and if you get the laptop to post, try running Dell's internal diagnostic test. It is accessible by hitting F10 after booting bios. This allows you to test each component for failures and helps with troubleshooting problems.

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Not sure if F10 works on a D520. If the hard drive is toast on this model, you can't get to the hidden partition on the drive, where the test software is located.


Huh. I've been able to access the preliminary Dell diagnostic tests from several latitudes and Precisions without a HDD installed. The special partitions on the HDD are usually dedicated for drive recovery, driver backup and dell system recovery tools.


It depends on how old the machine is. D520 was a Core 1 or possibly an early Core2 depending on how it was configured.


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