Lenovo G50-45 laptop stuck in booting up limbo

I tried booting up my laptop this morning but all it's doing is flashing the Lenovo logo, powering down and repeating the process. I can hear the fan starting up and shutting off as well. I did a bit of research and found that this is a common problem and I tried the potential solutions but so far nothing has worked.

I tried starting in safe mode, opening task manager and just pressing the power button to turn it off but it's not responding to any of the commands.

When ever I remove the battery, unplug the power cord and hold the button for 30 seconds and put the battery back it in just resumes the loop without me even pressing the power button.

When I close my laptop it seems like it's shutdown (no sleep light or noises from the fan)

It was working fine all day yesterday there was a bit of a power outage while it was plugged into the outlet but it was still working without an issue

Should I just let it run until the battery runs out?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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