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An educational children's toy created by VTech for ages 2-5 years old. The VTech Little Apps Tablet model number is 80-139400.

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some bottons not working


some botton on my kid vtech little apps tablet pink are not working.specially on the left side part .the left arrow then going to the top.letter e and n keys too. me to fix this thanks.

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nope its tottaly dry..from left arrow botton,going up,vertically.5 bottons not functioning.also letter E and N.

yup.done opening it.seems to me no broken piece,burn peripherals or loose wirings. ived clean the paper like circuit that connects from key boart to a pcv circuit that has copper. but still.doesnt work.

i slightly strip open the front sticker on the left side to reveal the keyboard circuit.and clean it.dint work


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I'd need more information to fully understand the issue/cause, but it sounds like possible water damage. Are you handy enough to open it? If so, post a pic of the inside, please.

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