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Released 2007, Identified by brand and model stickers, and serial number R4416.

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Where can I get a new set of TBone click shifters?

Parts help! Where can I find a new set of TBone click shifters for my Mt Fury (women's)?

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Those “T-Bone” shifters are probably some propriety part that Roadmaster specified for your bike. You might not be able to find a replacement anywhere. Fortunately, those types of shifters are usually compatible with generic Shimano-style indexed and friction shifters. So you can match the number of gears of your bike to a basic Shimano-compatible thumb shifter which should work. For example, a generic 7-speed shifter that is compatible with Shimano index shifting should work for your 7-speed bike. Just match the number of speeds. Most generic brands are Shimano-compatible, along with Shimano’s basic index shifters such as Tourney. Don’t get grip shifters or hub shifters such as Nexus or Alfine because they won’t work for your bike.

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On eBay such as this one

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