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The Asus X551M-RLN03 is part of the Asus X-series. It is a 15.6 in notebook that runs on Windows 8 with an Intel Core Processor.

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Will not turn on

The laptop was working and lid was closed. Upon reopening the unit will not power back on.

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2 Soluções

First make sure the power supply is good and the battery is charged?

If those are OK, try this...

Unplug the power supply and also remove the battery.

With both sources of power removed , now press the power button a few times

Then reinsert battery , power supply & try again.

If that doesn't work, I would ask you this....

You said the " laptop was working and lid was closed".

Meaning, the computer was running and when you returned it ws off & then unable to power back on?

If yes,.... was it laying on something like your bed , sofa, etc....?

If yes, ..... then the air vent for the fan may have been blocked, causing it to overheat.

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Check to make sure the led light is on. If so PLug in a USB monitor or to a tv make to see if video is there. I have same problem and it's the video problem

Either video card or display (monitor) it play beautiful on tv. Still trouble shooting loading new version of windows to see if its drivers problem they might not be correct. My screen lite up for a second the other day.After taking apart and removing battery and doing 30 second power button to get rid of residual battery juice it lite for 30 seconds. So on to more trouble shooting. Leave notes on next results ...


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try to clean ram or replace it .if dose not work maybe there is problem in mother board like power ram ic or VGA card or some wet.

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