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Repair and disassembly guides for microphones.

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The wires are not connected, need to reconnect

I opened the microphone and discovered that the wires have been broken from where they are soldered. Need to make the wires longer and replace. How ?

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It wouldn't cost you that much. You can acquire some solder, flux (that will help things go much smoother), wire and a soldering iron, for quite cheap. Even the desoldering shouldn't be too complicated.

Here's a video

I'll give you a list, from iFixit, or you can scour eBay and find the same things

[produto vinculado ausente ou desativado: IF145-018]

This is "non-leaded" solder, that's the good stuff

Solder Leaded 63/37 Rosin Core

Tack Flux SMD291 no clean 5cc ROHS

Make sure to "tin" the areas and wires, prior to installing the new wires. You'll want to add a dash of flux, then add some solder to the wires, then solder the wires to the board

Imagem de Tack Flux SMD291 no clean 5cc ROHS


Tack Flux SMD291 no clean 5cc ROHS


Imagem de Solder Leaded 63/37 Rosin Core


Solder Leaded 63/37 Rosin Core


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