Doesn't power up windows 10. Also won't shut down.


So I've been having a series of ongoing problems since I installed the windows update back around January or February, which I had been trying to avoid doing for months but Windows kept force restarting and freezing until I eventually did a reinstall and got it updated.

Sincere then, I've had to push and hold the power button to shut down. I've been looking up solutions on the internet for months but haven't been able to find anything. Basically what happens is that windows shuts down and goes into standby but the processor and fan keep running and the related lights stay on.

Recently, in the last couple of weeks I've been having problems with actually getting it started and this has really got me worried since there are times when I can't get the laptop to even work at all. What happens is the screen just stays dark. The left light, the screen turns on, but the right light, the HD activity stays on flashing every second or so turning on for like 1/4 of a second, and it stays like that for a long time. Sometimes it actually does turn on after about 60 seconds, but other times, I left it wait for 5+minutes and nothing happens.

I'm thinking that there is some kind of incompatibility issue with this laptop and windows 10's new updates. When I originally got it, it came with windows 8, but soon after that the free upgrade to Windows 10 came out. And that worked fine for about a year and a half. Never had any issue. It ran quiet, shut down and went into standby without any issue. Now it's constantly going into turbo even while I'm not doing anything and makes a lot of fan noise and then I can't even shut it down properly as the fan and HD won't actually go off and sometimes can't even start it up.

I think these issue are interrelated and perhaps I should just go back to Windows 8.


Intel core i5 - 4200 1.6GHz (turbo 2.6GHz)

AMD Radeon R7 M265, 2GB RAM

10GB DDR3 L Memory


4-cell Li-ion battery

Please let me know your thoughts and whether any additional info would help.

Update (06/03/2017)

One more thing I'm suspecting here is that there might be an issue with the fan. Any ideas on that?

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Here's an update on what happened after this:

One day the computer wouldn't start up at all. I went to a tech and he said it was either the graphics card or the motherboard. We deduced it was the motherboard due to prior events and the behaviour. There was really nothing to be done, but it would have been good to know it might be the motherboard or graphics card as both are built-in and expensive components of the laptop, probably 50% or more of its worth. So in the end I just opted to buy a new device. Very unfortunate since otherwise the laptop was actually quite good.

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When you avoid running windows updates you leave yourself vulnerable to a world of security problems, windows update should never be avoided if a problem is found in the windows OS that could cause it to malfunction windows are usually quite good at releasing an update for that, but you've been avoiding the update, you shouldn't be surprised that your computer and started to fail.

Are you using an anti-virus?

The first thing that you should do it follow my guide on resetting the os

Let me know if this helps.

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It was the motherboard.


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Hi! Thank you for trying to help. Since I just did a fresh install, I don't see how it's of any use to do a system reset or getting an anti-virus.

I just want to clarify that all of the problems started as a result of the updates. To explain:

1. My computer was 100% fine. No problems at all before the update.

2. My computer would freeze during the update, that's why I had to reinstall

3. It was after the reinstall and the updates that my problems started

I just did a fresh install. I'm having two problems at the moment:

1. I can't shut down the computer through windows. It won't do a complete shut down. I have to use the power button.

2. If I shut down the computer and it doesn't shut down completely, I can't turn it back on. I have to do a full shut down, wait for about 10-15 minutes and only then will it turn on.

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