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GPS is not working.

GPS is not working. Searching for GPS signal. 2 months it worked very well. Then waze app start to have problem. Now google map also have problem.

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Mine FM does not work in any rental car connected or not connected to the cars' bluetooth it works in my 1999 Ford Explorer. I also tried with the app Android Auto. In one rental car not connected to its Bluetooth and without Android Auto I was able to get the GPS to work better but still not like in my old car which happens to be broken. What happens it works when car is stopped but as soon as I driving its searching for GPS. Now bcuz it isn't working and I need it for the drive I have to make because without it my drive can be an hour longer if GPS doesn't adjust for traffic in the Lynnwood to Auburn drive. A stand Aline GPS one rental car gave me did not adjust to traffic like my phones GPS does.


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I have Blu phone since early this year the first one gets problem with the GPS I get call Amazon and then replace it they send another one and the second has the same problem I go in Amazon again to return the phone I think it's a problem with the blue phone

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