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Touch issues even after screen has been replaced

Bought a 6 plus that had vertical lines down middle of the screen and did not respond to touch. No screen flickering or line at the top so thought that it might need a screen replacement. Replaced screen, vertical lines are gone but the touch issue is still there. Not responding on any part of the screen.

Am I looking at touch disease or does anyone have any other ideas?

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Check the touch screen connector on the logic board. It's the wide horizontal one below the rear camera on the logic board.

Could be dirty, physically damaged or worn out.

Also check for signs of liquid damage. The are various LCI (Liquid damage indicator) stickers placed on the logic board.

One at top of board another behind screen assembly back metal plate.

They are initially coloured white to mean it has not been in contact with liquid / moisture.

Once it's red it means it has been in contact with moisture.

Can still be touch ic disease as they can be shown even without grey horizontal bar at top of screen.

You can sometimes get the grey bar to appear by slightly flexing the metal iPhone frame. Only do it slightly / a bit for testing (don't force it tho)

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Thanks for your reply. It's a bit of mystery at the moment. There is no sign of any water damage on any of the indicators. I used a camera to zoom up real close to the connectors and there doesn't seem to be any sign of any damage. I'm going to take it to a shop that I use for stuff that is above my pay grade tomorrow and will respond with the results.


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cured my 6 plus touch issues by removing the logic board, peeling the sticker back from the touch IC chips, folding clean white piece of paper to four layers thick and trimming it to fit under the sticker, put it back together and it's fine. The contact point under the IC chip must have a crack and the paper is putting just enough pressure on the chip to maintain the connection. I don't have the tools (yet) to refloat/resolder the chips.

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