Pump for bottom load water dispenser is not staying on.

The water dispenser is supposed to work by pumping water from the bottle in the bottom to the internal tank in the top when the internal tank is empty. However, the pump has recently stopped, so I took the back panel off and have access to the pump and a control board (imaged here). When I plug it in, a "Click" sound is heard, and pump turns slightly. This repeats roughly every second.

Debugging: I have disconnected the leads connecting the pump to the board, and:

  1. Connected a 9 volt battery to the pump (the pump is rated at 12 volts). The pump turns slowly but consistently.
    • I assume this means the pump is not the problem
  2. Connected a voltmeter to the leads, then plugged the water dispenser in. The click sound is heard once and the voltage jumps to 15 volts. Several seconds (~30?) later, the click is heard again and the voltage drops to 0 volts.
    • I believe the clicks are coming from relays, which could be the black boxes next to the transformer (first picture)

Additional Info:

  • The click sounds occurred during normal operation, so I do not believe they are indicative of a problem.
  • I am not sure how to take the dispenser apart any further. The black grate's tube is attached to the cooler inside, and the compartment holding the pump and the board is stuck because of the tubes connected to the pump (I don't want to take the tubes off because they look very difficult to replace).
  • The board has "VWD1006(T)" printed on it. (Not sure if those are zeros or O's)

I am not sure what to do next. If anyone has an idea of what's gone wrong, something else to try, or wants more information, please let me know.

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Can you post a better picture of that pump? I need a pump like that but can't find one anywhere.


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