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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Power connection pin broken inside the laptop.

After falling down with the power cable , the pin of the power cable is broken inside the laptop connection plug: this small part is stucked inside the Powerbook itself and therefore no charging anymore.

Any possibility to have access to the RJ-11 connection from inside, in order to remove this small metal piece, without dismantling the mother board?

The only solution I founded in fixit is the removal of the lowercase which need about 40 steps to get to this RJ-11 board.

Regards and thanks for clues.

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If you have a steady hand you can use a plastic stick and superglue and pull it out without pulling anything apart. Just make sure you do not get the superglue on anything other that the visible end of Power Plug tip and give about 5 minutes for glue to cure before slow and steady pull out.

Otherwise pull the keyboard off and try a paperclip to push it out if you can get a good angle on it.

Good Luck and be careful.

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Thanks,I will try this, but I think the piece is really stuck inside the connection: I hope it will be accessible when the RJ-11 board is out: quite a long process!


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