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Yamaha YPT-300 61-key touch sensitive portable keyboard, released in 2005.

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Power pack over heated

The power pack made a noise and stopped working, it was unplugged and disconnected from the keyboard, i put new batteries into the keyboard, but it's not working, does the keyboard have an internal surge protection, if so can it be fixed?

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Some Yamahas have a current limiting polyswitch, but if you have tested the unit with a different power supply and it still doesn't work, there is a good chance yours doesn't or it did not help. There is a good chance that your power supply is a switch mode type so once it failed it best to buy a new one, but before you plug it into the keyboard you will want someone to test it to make sure the voltage conditioning section of the dc in pcb is not shorted. If it is, best to replace the pcb or get a. Per job repair.

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