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Third generation of iPad, featuring 4G capabilities, released on March 16, 2012. Model number A1430. Repairs require heat and careful prying.

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Error (-1) baseband repair?

After replacing a screen, I've got the dreaded error (-1) on my iPad 3 4G. The update logs also confirm that it fails at the baseband flash every time I try to restore (including from DFU mode with a clean iTunes install, antivirus off, original cable, with automatic or previously-downloaded ipsw). It was never jailbroken and isn't locked.

I really don't care if this iPad is ever on 4G again, I just want it to work on wifi.

  • I tried to downgrade the baseband firmware with redsn0w on the off chance that this isn't a physical chip problem but it says it doesn't work with iPad 3s. Is there any other software I should try?
  • The next thing I plan to try is to reflow the baseband chip with a heat gun. Should I take the emi shielding off first? Will it matter if I can't get it back on? Any pointers for removing the shielding without damaging anything else?
  • Has anyone had success removing resistor 1204 to get a wifi-only iPad? I'm skeptical of the success stories I've seen for this one, but if it works I'd be willing to try as a last resort.
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the only way to fix the error (-1) is to reball the baseband.

with baseband dead you will not be able to use wi-fi - the ipad will not see internet.

you can temporary switch it on for example for restoring or updating if you push the modem chip really hard while restoring (needed in the end of operation, 80-100% of the progress), but it won't work after you stop pushing. smb told me that works also to restore an ipad while it is in the freezer, but as you take it off it will lose the signal again. hope that this can help you

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Thank you for your response! I'm uncertain about your assertion that with the baseband dead I won't be able to get to the internet on wifi. I've seen successful repairs on here from people who got the baseband to work long enough to reflash, then turned it off and were able to use the wifi without it. Also, the people who claim success taking resistor 1204 off the board are still able to use wifi without the baseband.

I'm not saying you're wrong, as obviously I have no first hand experience, but it runs counter to what I'm reading elsewhere.


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Espero puedan ayudarme tengo ipad 1 5.1.1 le doy restaurar con itunes y me da error -1 pero cuando lo restauro con redswn0 me dice que hay que activarla con itunes o por wifi al poner con wifi dice que no puede comunicarse con la plataforma… Entonces por lo que veo la baseban no esta dañada que recuperar ni ipad espero me puedan ayuda

I hope that help I have ipad 1 5.1.1 I give restore with itunes and gives me error -1 but when I restore it with reswn0 tells me that you have to activate it with iTunes or wifi when putting with wifi that can not communicate with the platform .. So, why do I see the base this morning?

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