Asus' mid-range 5" Android smartphone, released in April 2014.

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What is the RF cable for?

I replaced the screen on my Zenfone 5 and accidentally clamped down on the RF cable while reassembling. When I connect my phone to computer using USB cable, the android drive does not appear. I have MTP turned ON and USB debugging ENGABLED. Is this because of damage to the RF cable? Because previously my computer used to detect the android drive.

Please help.

Much appreciated,


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Nope,. RF Cable is only for the signal of your device. try to Hard Reset your Smartphone and also to change your USB Cable.


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The RF coax cable you damaged was either for your WiFi or Bluetooth antenna. That is if your Cellular service is still working.

Even though you are trying to use the USB connection your settings may still be setup using the WiFi or Bluetooth to make connection. Which is why it is failing to work.

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It probably is, if you need to transfer files, you need a new cable or you need to put them in some cloud storage and access them from your computer.

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Radio Frequência (RF) , provavelmente vc ficará sem conexão ou de dados, Wi-Fi ou Bluetooth...

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