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The Samsung Evergreen SGH-A667 is an eco-friendly texting phone.

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Distorted SD card slot

The local AT&T office forced the SD card into the slot backwards. This will have to be replaced.


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@saopaulo_10, Bruce, If the phone/card not functional, go back to the local AT&T office and talk to the owner/manager, tell manage what happened and tell him/her that you would like the phone repaired/replaced as this should have not happened. If possible take some form of proof that you were in that day, dated receipt,bill etc.. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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There are two types of ATT stores. Sales and Full Service. The sales stores are often franchises. The workers are only trained in sales. A sales store manager told me this. A few weeks ago I bought a new phone and went to a Sales store. They almost cut my SIM card down to fit my new phone using a punch machine. I had a funny feeling about this and didn't let them do it. Samsung (old phone with big SIM card), Nokia (new phone needing micro SIM) and ATT customer Service said "DON'T LET ANY ONE CUT DOWN YOUR SIM, IT WON'T WORK AND MAY DAMAGE PHONE". The corporate full service store gave me a new micro SIM and set up my new phone. It is hard to tell what type store you are in. Even some of the "full service" ATT corporate stores will only just try to sell you a new phone.. They get commissions for sales. So the fact that some "Pro" at an ATT store wrecked your SD card slot by forcing the card in back wards is not at all surprising. Good luck, and be careful at ATT stores.


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