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A rotary tool by Dremel with different speed settings and attachment options.

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Collet Nut Frozen on Shaft

I have not used this Dremel tool in some years. The Collet Nut is frozen to the shaft and cannot be loosened to insert bits. How can I loosen this? Short of replacing the entire shaft? I have already soaked the part in coke and it has not loosened.

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A lot of these had a button which locks the shaft in place allowing you to put pliers on the collet and turn it. See if yours has such a lock.

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No kidding. That's the problem... the locking button does not hold the shaft in place and it slips out.


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@knightowl12 ,Jeffrey, If collet lock button not holding sufficient, you may have to disassemble the Dremel(link below) which will allow you to access the shaft which you can put vice grips on to hold the shaft while using pliers/vise grip on chuck to loosen collet(if able put a couple drops of penetrate oil to run down bit to collet jaws for 30 min. before starting the repair).

Dremel 8200 Disassembly

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