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Repair and support for ceiling-mounted bladed fans.

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Chain Broke off fan

Chain turn off and on broke off

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Ok. What do you need? This isnt an answer but a question


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@roymontano ,Roy v.Montano , Remove the light fixture housing from the fan, then unscrew the screws where the light fixture attaches to the fan assembly(trim cover). Switch where the pull chain attaches should now be visible and can be removed. Install the new switch with the pull chain through the housing and tighten the connection. See links below for detailed instruction on ceiling fan switch replacement.

Pretty much any hardware/big box store should have a replacement switch for ceiling fans. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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If the chain broke, but there is still a bit of chain sticking out, then just buy a new chain pull from any hardware store, or even just Walmart.

If the chain is no longer showing outside the housing at all, then check out the links below. The first link below shows the basic process of replacing the light switch pull, and the second video shows the procedure for the 3-speed fan switch replacement. Your model may be different, but the procedure is basically the same. The only difference may be the disassembly process and the location of the screws. If you post the fan's model information, we may be able to assist further.

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The chain might also be inside the fan as that has happened to me before, but i'm almost positive that this person has gone and wont respond


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