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Model M8413 or A1007 / 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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Battery will not fully charge

Have a iBook G3 900mhz 14 inch. Was working fine, but the battery gave out. I replaced the battery with a cheapie from ebay. The battery would only charge for a few minutes, then my charger would glow to green, even if the battery was not fully charged.

I reset my PMU and it would charge again for a few minutes, but then it would stop charging. If I keep re-setting the PMU, I can fully charge the battery and the iBook runs fine on the battery.

I thought it could be the DC in, so I replaced it, but same problem. Is this likely a problem with the battery of with the logic board. I do not want to spend more on another battery if that is not the problem.

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Download and run Coconut battery to see what you got on eBay and the condition of it.

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Thanks, downloaded coconut, says current battery charge is 94% capacity is 4400 mAh. battery-loadcycles 10. charger is connected and the battery is NOT charging.

As I said, I was only able to charge the battery by resetting the PMU many times. If I run down the battery, it will not charge unless I reset the PMU. After that it will recharge for a few minutes, then stop charging, adding only a few percent at a time to the battery capacity. Do you think this is a battery issue or something else?

Thanks for your help!


Will the machine run without the battery in? What are the last three letters of your serial number?


Yes, the machine will run plugged in (of course), with out the battery. My serial number ends in …RPF3


Here's your machine:

Apple iBook G3/900 14-Inch (Early 2003 - Op) Specs

Identifiers: iBook - Early 2003 - M9009LL/A - PowerBook4,3 - A1007 - N/A

I would replace the battery connector, it's under $10: [produto vinculado ausente ou desativado: IF151-017]


I will give that a try, will let you know if that does it.



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You can try calibrating the battery by working on battery power (not plugged in) until it's copletely dead. Than recharge. Repeat the cycle a couple of times. This sometimes help, especially with third party batteries.

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Thanks, I will give that a try, but since the battery stops charging and only shows that is partially charged until I reset the PMU and start charging again, I do not think it's a calibration issue. I would assume that if it were a calibration issue, then the battery would say it was 100% charged when it was not. If I reset the PMU enough times to fully recharge the battery, I believe that the battery is fully charged. What I am trying to determine if the problem lies with the battery or the logic board.


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