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The Samsung Gear S, model number SM-R750, is a smart watch which pairs with your Android smart phone. The Samsung Gear S was released in October 2014.

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Where can I buy a new band

the (non camera) band on my galaxy gear sm-v700 cracked in the back weeks ago & i believe it has finally caused my watch not to turn on,

i replaced the battery about 2 months ago, & it has charged wonderfully, so it's not the battery.

it happened 2 days ago when the crack suddenly become more severe.

now when i press the start button, nothing at all happens...can anyone advise how i can correct this?


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how do i find replys?


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rbilello, Did a pretty good search for a replacement band for your watch and all came up with the camera mount. Possibly you could contact the sellers at the links below to see if they may have new/different stock or contact Samsung to see what is available or what they can do for you(last link). Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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