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Sit-on-top lawn mower. Zero-turn radius mower, 50" mower deck, hydro transmission.

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Belt that turns the blades keeps slipping off

How to stop belt from slipping

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Jeremy Holmes , Check/verify that you have the correct size belt installed and if worn/stretched replace it, then make sure all the belt keepers/retainer guards/guides/pins are in place and not bent away from pulleys too far(allowing belt to jump off)1/8" gap is good.Ensure belt routing is correct,check for worn bent pulley's or excess debri around them, level the deck. Link and pic. below may help Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Check your pulleys for wobble and make sure your belt is the right belt.

if that don't work for you use a smaller belt it will be hard to put on but it will last forever.

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The mower deck belt came off on my ZTS 7500, I found the Idler pulley had worn off on the top side. I investigated and found that I raised the deck too high it wore off the top side of the pulley. The height markings for the deck were wore off, I simply painted the height markings for the mower making sure the pulley was clear of the bottom of the mower. A new pulley was about $40. I just have to make sure I don't raise the deck too high.


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