What the specs of this component?


I was fixing a problem with the PS of my mac mini and I messed up my logic board when I was assembling the device, I forced the board to fit on his body and I broked one electric component and I am still not able to find the specs. Seems that the name printed on it, its just a Apple reference, not the true name of the component.

Could someone help me get the specs of this part?

Block Image



It's a A1347

Thanks in advance!

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So what broke was on the Logic Board? If so you will need a whole Logic Board replacement. In order to get you the part number I would need a Serial number of the computer.


Hello, Daniel. I inserted a link to the image of the electronic that I broked. Can you reach that ?



What is the model number of this Mac Mini?


Ricardo, you'll need to take a second pic showing more of the logic board as we can't ID the part with no location reference.


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