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HD action camera with touchscreen LCD, released October 5, 2014.

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Gopro will not turn on..

In Aug. 2016 my gopro fell into a river without its housing and stayed under for about 30-45 seconds. When I recovered it, I removed the battery, drained the water i could and left it in the sun until i got home, where i put it into rice. It should be noted that the device did turn on when i first tried it after it was in the river. Now months later it still wont turn on.. what do you think the problem is, what should I replace? If anything...

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Its been 6 months my gopro hero4 silver never been use. i bought new battery but still no power at all.. anyone can give some idea?


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If i was going to do i would start with a new battery followed by any other components such as the chargeport ect.

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