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Released in 2006, identified by model number PP20L for e1505

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Overheating issues-RAM or GPU

My Dell laptop has been overheating when watching Netflix. After about 5 minutes of watching, the fan begins to ramp up, and after 10, it goes to full. I suspect either the RAM or the Intel 945GM graphics chipset. I have upgraded the CPU to core 2 duo T7600, and the RAM to 2x2 A-TECH PC-6400 RAM. HWmonitor does not display any abnormal tempatures, but when I touch the RAM it feels quite hot (around 50° c), but still not out of normal threshold. When I replaced the CPU, I noticed that the graphics chipset had a peice of thermal tape instead of thermal paste. I replaced it with thermal paste, not thinking it made a difference. Operating system-windows 10, and yes, I am using it on a hard surface. Thanks for any help!

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@pccheese, have you made sure the fan(s) are spinning and the vents aren't blocked? Have you tested your RAM yet with a memory checker program?


@avanteguarde Yes, my fan has plenty of free space. I have not yet checked my RAM.


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I am surprised that you were able to upgrade the processor. The problem may be that the cooling system was not designed for the upgraded processor and is not able to cool it properly. The heat sink compound on the GPU may not be contacting the heat sink surface, the silicone heat strip is thicker and would contact both the GPU and the heat sink. At a minimum, put the silicone strip back in place.

I would recommend going into diagnostics to test the CPU, heat sink and fan. Press F12 at the Dell splash screen and pick the menu option for diagnostics. The test you want is the CPU stress test, if the temperature get above 80 degrees Celsius ( water boils at 100 Celsius), then the heat sink is not sufficient for the upgraded CPU. You can try to get another heat sink asby and fan to see if it improves cooling performance.

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A. Windows is pure windows 10, and it doesn't have the Dell start up screen, just the bios which is version A17.

B. The CPU is only 3 watts more, not enough to make a difference. It runs at about 43°c while watching. Again, GPU or RAM.

C. I'm sure that the thermal compound is full between the graphics chipset and heatsink. I will install MSI kombuster to check GPU temp.


A. The Dell splash screen is part of BIOS not windows. B. Suspect GPU not RAM


I ran the diagnostics. No problems. I have yet to do other stuff.


What do you consider hot for ram?


RAM has more tolerance to heat and is generally air cooled. Since memory is involved in everything, if it goes bad it will show up as weird characters, incomplete refresh of desktop. Hot would be too hot to touch.


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Hi, you may look into these odds may happens due to:

Check your Bios for any odd OC

Look if your machine having direct temprature

Check the connection between heatsink & processor

Is youre fan spinning & blowing infront of heatsink

Clean or replace thermal paste between processor & heatsink

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Yes, I'm sure all these things are up to snuff. It's an 11 year old laptop, so overclocking isn't even possible. What do you mean "having direct tempature."


its been great to use 11 years old laptop, laptop must be a friend now, well "having direct temperature" means direct sunlight or using in the open filed.


No, my laptop is in an air conditioned​ house.


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