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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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Charging port not working

I changed the charging port because when I would plug into the port it would come up on the screen the a USB connection would not connect. When I wiggled the plug some times it would work. I inspected the port and it was bent and starting to come apart. So I got a replacement port and installed it but the tablet will not come on.

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Could you elaborate more on whats happening? It might not be your charging port but your battery. But please elaborate, what happened before. Why did you replace the charging port?


Hi,my tablet dont charge,y change the battery,the ruban of usb and a motherboard from ifixit,it open and work but not charging why.

tank you.


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Hello Jesse Ward your problem here might be the battery I had the same problem happen to one of my costumer's and I just simply replaced the battery and it worked but if you have a other tablet the same extract I would recommend testing out the battery with that one and the charging port just in case. Best of luck Jesse I hope this helped a little.

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