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Sony digital camera in the Cyber-shot series. Shoots 6 MP photos and is released in 2006.

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What causes short battery life?

Sony DSC-H2 S/N 4419046 purchased 12/30/2006 indicates a low battery voltage after 10 flash pictures or 25 non-flash pictures. I have new batteries (Sanyo Ni-MH HR-3U 2700mAh. Lithium and Alkaline types have the same symptom. The problem does not seem to be specific to any function such as flash or using rear display rather than the viewfinder. I am a competent electronic repair technician. I can measure and do modern PCB repair. I'm not intimidated by the complexity. I expect a leaky capacitor, but don't know where to order unique parts for this camera . Thank You for reading ! Bob

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Not used cyber-shot digital for a few years has span of battery please.


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Reformatted the internal memory, and memory card, reset the settings to factory initial (normal backlight brightness, turned off continuous focus mode). Installed Sanyo 2700mAH. Running well now. Battery indicator does show battery voltage dropping after 20 photos, but the camera has operated for hundreds of shots including flash and LCD display running. Love this camera !

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I have the same problem. Love the camera but had to keep it apart because all the batteries I tried only last a few minutes.

How do you format the internal memory? Do you think this is a matter of planned obsolescence?

Regards from Spain


I recall that you have to take out the memory card, then you can run a format on the internal memory. It takes some time. There is also a selection that will restore the camera to factory settings. I have noticed that the battery charge indicator will sometimes show less than half a charge, but the camera behaves fine for a long time without recharging. I have two if these cameras and they act exactly the same. I wonder if it is an overly sensitive voltage comparitor, or some reference voltage is drifting. NiMH batteries have a fairly flat voltage vs charge profile; their voltage doesn't sag much before they reach full depletion, so it must be a tricky design that predicts the shut down threshold for the camera.


Thank you so much for your time, Robert.

I will follow your instructions and post the news.

All the best


Thank you for your ideas


how many volts of battery are you using? i am planning to buy 4 ,1.2 volts sony 2500mah cycle energy batteries, please advice.


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