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Released in July 2016, created by Razer and Sensics, the HDK 2 is their next generation developer headset, an open-source "reference design" HMD, and one of many HMDs supported by open-source OSVR software.

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What is the best kind of cloth to clean the HDK2 lenses?

Supposedly using the wrong kind of lens cloth will scratch the lenses. I had bought mine used and that was pretty much the only thing it didn`t come with. Now that my lenses have gotten a bit dirty, it needs to be cleaned. But I am unsure of whether or not I can use any glasses cleaning microfiber cloth or if I have to use a special cloth.

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@sutargluca, Sutarappa, Pop into a optometry place and perhaps purchase a cleaning cloth as they are usually high quality(link 1). Check out the link below as it talks about cleaning your lens(link 2). Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I will go and hunt down a glasses cloth. By the way are you supposed to use any of the glasses cleaner fluid as well? It may be a dumb question but like I had said before to the other guy, better safe than sorry.


Okay it does help a lot. Thank you.


@sutargluca, Sutarappa, Sorry I was away for a few hours, as this is a unpaid volunteer site. Thanks for posting back. Yes, you can also use the use a fine mist if needed. Good luck with your head set.


FWIW, I'd be careful with spray since you don't want to get any on the screen, the diffuser coating might get damaged. Possibly spray onto the cloth first. But yeah, normal glasses cloths should be fine.


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