RCA Android tablet with detachable keyboard, identified by model number RCT6303W87DK.

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What's wrong with this thing?

I literally just bought the Vinking Pro (less than 2 hrs ago), after following all the initial set up prompts it went to a black screen. You can see the symbols showing the wifi connection and battery life in the upper right hand corner, but can't do anything but use the power button to shut it off. If you try turning it on again, you see a flash of some sort of wallpaper but then it goes black again. What's wrong with this thing?!

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I just did a factory reset and it gave me 4 options after, I tried to just go to the "proceed to Windows 10" button but the only one that would would work was power off device. Now when I turn it on RCA comes on the screen but nothing else happens.


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@nadal79 not sure where you bought it from but this " you see a flash of some sort of wallpaper but then it goes black " sounds like a bad LCD or a bad signal issue. I'd return it to where you got it from.

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It's not turning on but when I press the button a dull light show's

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How to fix the prong section of connectible key board? Is there piece tat you can buy that just has the prongs? Only one prong of mine is missing.

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