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C3 chaged starter but wont start!

Hello my daughter has just bought a C3 2002 after 2 weeks the starter motor died we changed it for a new one but the car will not start !

We have tested the battery and all the fuses in the car and in the engine fuse box we found a big green 30 amp fuse blown and have replaced it ,

Still will not start just clicks !

The car will start if we connect a cable to the battery earth and the engin metal ,

there is a problem earth but where ?

We have changes 20amp fuse HS ans reset the BS, also the diagnostic reveals nothing !

And why would it blow a 30amp fuse ?

Please help

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delvaux.alain , Recheck, if your battery connections are good/clean/tight, if OK then the negative cable could have bad connection where it bolts to engine/frame/bracket/strut tower, loosen nut/bolt/screw clean area to get good contact and retighten and try starter(if you have traced the negative cable to a junction, check/loosen/clean all the wires/connectors at that junction0. Still no go the cable could be badly corroded inside or have a break(replace negative battery cable).

The old starter may have shorted or during removal/install a wire may have crossed blowing the 30A fuse. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I have also had trouble with my starter motor I was driving along one day and there was a funny screeching noise from inside my car around the fuse box area but I could not find where it was I carried on driving and when I parked up the car would not start again I have checked the fuses and they all ok but I can't seem to find any relays anywhere is there anybody that could help me please


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This is caused by a bad earth. Taking the starter out you would have removed the earth lead connected to the top of the gearbox. Remove the battery and under tray and reconnect the earth lead. It will then work.

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