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Falling makes my iPhone 6 screen broken

Sorry for my poor english. I went to run on the playground with my phone, accidentally fell it on the ground and the screen was broken (I didn't use cover). Is it expensive to change a new one? Go to apple store or third party store?

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Third party store. The pricing is fairly good. Around $60 USD probably for a iPhone 6 screen replacement.

Just to note if the iPhone has a dented frame or bent frame apple will charge $349 for a out of warranty exchange replacement which includes data being wiped.

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You can certainly replace it yourself, preferably with an iFixit part, but if you're not comfortable with opening the device I'd take it to a reputable 3rd-party shop. Apple provides excellent service, but it's fairly expensive to get repairs there. It wouldn't hurt to take it to an Apple store and see how much they ask for in order to do a repair.

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