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Sit-on-top lawn mower. Zero-turn radius mower, 50" mower deck, hydro transmission.

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engine dies when engauging pto

engine runs fine until you engage the PTO for blades or for drive

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i knew about low battery causing this problem ~ I finally found it~ it was the seat switch defective~! i had it unplugged not knowing that that causes straight short to ground of the wires that connect to this switch! had to cut that connector off the wires to bypass it to figure out that was the problem! Thanks for answer! Helped me re think my problem!


When i engage my pto my mower runs slower. Toro zero turn


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fergiconst , Is the engine running good and strong and are you engaging mower and drive when close to full throttle? Check that all the safety switches are working correctly, it is possible the seat switch is bad or loose plug/ bad wire. Also if battery weak or charging system weak/faulty the clutch will stall out engine, charge battery up with charger and try. Check for binding in the belts, spindles, idle pulley, anything that moves when the belt engages, ensure all turns freely. Find below link for your manual as it may help and link to testing safety switch. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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If you’re battery and belt pulleys are good then check your spark plug mine was having a misfire once you would put to much strain on mower hint turning PTO on

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to know how to check the seat switchon a john deere l130


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i ran into somehting with my dixie chopper zero turn and now going full thrttle it dies shuts off what do i need to check

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